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The Cooperative of Tourist Services Rancho Tangolunda S.C. de R.L. is a family business committed to the environment and society that inhabits the beautiful bays of Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico. Our company Rancho Tangolunda has the best "good practices in Huatulco" because we have a commitment to the environment because we operate in an ideal space for nature tourism activities within a megadiverse and rich area of natural and cultural resources.

At Rancho Tangolunda we offer you the best adventure tourism activities in Huatulco that will take your . . .


The hospitality and certified training of our staff is EXTREME to serve you beyond your expectations!

Turismo de Aventura En Rancho Tangolunda Huatulco

Rafting in Río Copalita, Huatulco, México

Rafting is one of the adventure tourism activities you can do in Huatulco Bays, Mexico. Our Rafting service consists of a tour that begins at Copalita River, where our guides will let you know the safety measures and the right equipment to start the adventure. If you come with your family, we recommend you the Rafting packages in Levels I and II that are available practically 365 days a year. The descent in Nivel III river is designed for the most extreme tourists and the time to carry out the activity of Rafting Level III in Huatulco is in the months of July to January.

In any of our tours we make brief experiential stops where you can swim, take pictures and enjoy the beautiful landscape offered by the megadiversity of flora and fauna of the important Copalita River Basin, Oaxaca.

Rafting Tour Level I

The Rafting Level 1 tour begins in the community of Copalita, Huatulco; you will enjoy an activity in calm currents of the Copalita River to observe the nuances of our beautiful vegetation, the great diversity of birds and many more riches that the nature of the Oaxacan coast offers us. The Rafting I tour ends where the Copalita River merges with the sea, in the beach called La Bocana.

DISTANCE: 5.5 km.

TIMETABLE: 9:00AM 12:00PM  2:30PM


Rafting Tour Level II

In order to begin our adventure in the Rafting Tour Level II we must climb for 30 minutes to the mountain and enter the jungle. During the descent you will be able to enjoy exciting Level II rapids, some exciting turbulences and small eddies will boost your adrenaline. And of course, the respective experiential scale to contemplate the unimaginable landscapes and have fun to the maximum. Continuing later with the route until arriving at the Copalita Bridge.

DISTANCE: 10 km.

TIMETABLE: 9:00 AM 12:00 PM 2:30PM


Rafting Tour Level III

To begin the adventure we will transport you to the mountain, the high part of the Copalita River, Huatulco. During the tour we will make the experiential stop to swim, take pictures and enjoy the wonderful scenery. In the descents of Rafting Levels III the exit is from the reception of Rancho Tangolunda at 8:30 AM and includes a lunch and drinks (water and bottled soft drink).

DISTANCE: 24 km.

Minimum 4 people and only over 12 years old.


The duration of the rafting tours varies according to the season of the year in which they are carried out and the volume of water that has the Copalita River.

Tours of Cuatrimotos, Huatulco, Mexico

If you're in Huatulco you can't miss the ATV ride through the jungle. The ATV tour begins at our offices in Rancho Tangolunda, located a few minutes from Huatulco Bays, Oaxaca. Our guides will give you basic operating instructions of the ATVs and driving practice to ensure your safety. Once you feel safe to start the adventure we will start to cover the 22 km of the route.

Tours de Cuatrimotos en Huatulco, Rancho Tangolunda

Depending on the skills and experience of the group we can make an approximate time of two and a half hours. Halfway along the route we arrive at the Copalita River where we make the corresponding experiential stopover where we rest, hydrate and take pictures.

We also give you the necessary time to take a dip in the waters of the Copalita River.  

TIMETABLE: 9:00 AM 12:00 PM  2:45 PM.


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Handicrafts Rancho Tangolunda, Oaxaca

In Rancho Tangolunda we offer you typical handicrafts from Huatulco, the Oaxacan Coast and the Central Valleys. The most beautiful textiles embroidered by Oaxacan hands, sculptures and decoration based on black clay worked in San Bartolo Coyotepec, traditional Mexican toys and details made in wood, and also, you can not miss the delicious mezcal and mezcal creams of different flavors to delight the most demanding palates.

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Carretera Costera 200. km 256, Río Tangolunda, La Jabalina, Bahías de Huatulco, Santa María Huatulco, Oaxaca. México. 

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In Rancho Tangolunda we are part of a group of cooperatives made up of inhabitants and community members of Santa María Huatulco. We jointly provide tourist and ecotourism activities and services in the destination of Huatulco Bays, Oaxaca, Mexico to national and foreign visitors.

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